Is there an age restriction to use YouTube?

Rockrapid /August 2, 2018

To set up a YouTube account users must be 13+ years of age. However users do not need to sign-in to access the website or to view videos. There is however a YouTube kids version now available to download for free. YouTube kids is designed for children aged  3-8 years old and makes it easier for Continue Reading →

Tips for keeping your Child safe on YouTube

Rockrapid /August 2, 2018

YouTube today plays a very important role in our daily social life. now a days, YouTube is a most trending video platform in the world that’s why their are many types of videos is being uploaded every minute. so, their are many videos on YouTube which you want to stay away to your kinds. to Continue Reading →

Requirements to get approved in google adsense 100%

Rockrapid /June 22, 2018

Google AdSense is a best choice for publishers to monetize his blog or website. This network works on a CPC (cost per click) base which pays high CTR (click through rate) for page views for publishers, which generates more revenue than other advertising networks. Every new blogger is trying to monetize his blog with this Continue Reading →

How a Facebook Page Likes can let you earn money

Rockrapid /June 21, 2018

There are too many persons who use facebook, make facebook pages and always keep on asking that how to earn money from facebook page likes ,shares and comments. Facebook is bigget and number one social media platform and there are more than 2 billion active worldwide users on facebook. As per wikipedia , Facebook website was launched on 4 Continue Reading →

How to become Rich 100% working

Rockrapid /June 18, 2018

  It doesn’t take financial wizardry or a winning lottery ticket to increase your net worth. A few smart moves could instantly make you richer. In his new book ” Money: Master The Game ,” Tony Robbins shares five core strategies for achieving your financial goals faster. Any one of them will put more cash on your personal balance Continue Reading →