How a Facebook Page Likes can let you earn money

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There are too many persons who use facebook, make facebook pages and always keep on asking that how to earn money from facebook page likes ,shares and comments. Facebook is bigget and number one social media platform and there are more than 2 billion active worldwide users on facebook. As per wikipedia , Facebook website was launched on 4 Feb,2004 by Mark Zuckerberg along with his roommates and other students of Harvard College Chirs Hughes,Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum and Dustin Moskovitz. There are too many different ways to earn money from Facebook page likes. Different people use different ways to make money online with Facebook.
My secret trick to earn money from Facebook is given below

Facebook Page Likes Secret Trick

Today I am going to reveal my secret trick about making money with Facebook. For this trick you need at least Facebook likes page. so first of all make a fan page related to your Niche. I will personally suggest you to make a viral site along with Facebook page. If you have some budget then buy one high LTD Domain along with hosting. But remember never buy domain and hosting from same registrar. Buy domain from Go-daddy and hosting from Host-gator or search other best registrar to buy domain and hosting. If you don’t have enough budget then just buy a high LTD domain like com or org extension and attaches it with google free blogger. Try to buy domain with name like viralblogging or viralworldpost with dot com or dot org extension. After that you make free blogger on or if you have more budget then make website with WordPress or after making free blog on blogger attached your domain with it .

Make Viral WebSite or Bloggr To Earn Money From Facebook

Now go to website and search like about health niche and you will find some good posts with high facebook engagements as shown in given below image.Although buzzsumo is paid tool that you can use it free but limited searches so use it free trail.One thing remember try to search least one year old post with high facebook engagement. click on that post and you will go directly to post then copy post and paste it on your blogger new post with same title and even same images.

Try to fill your blogger or wordpress site with at least 30 posts after that go to your facebook page and try to add at least 5000 friends related to your niche like viral posts. After that start to post some images, at least 10 to 20 images posts daily and let your friends to like it. Repeat it some days to get some likes on your fan page until you get more than 20,000 likes then start to put your site post on your fanpage to get traffic and if you have some budget run a facebook ads compaign on your main page to get thousand of likes within short time. I will not discuss how to run facebook ads here. Then you will get enough likes on your facebook page and start to share your blogger or wordpress post link on facebook page and you will get to start some traffic. if you have some budget then again start to run facebook compaign to get likes as well as traffic on your site . One thing remember you must have google adsense ads on your website or blogger or even you can use google adsense alternative like or taboola or other best CPM and CPC networks so that when visiter with facebook ads compagin visit your site and you can earn some money. with less budget you will get some traffic and for huge traffic and earning you need to invest some more money on your facebook ads compaign.


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