Is there an age restriction to use YouTube?

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To set up a YouTube account users must be 13+ years of age. However users do not need to sign-in to access the website or to view videos. There is however a YouTube kids version now available to download for free. YouTube kids is designed for children aged  3-8 years old and makes it easier for children and parents to find content they are interested in. Click here for more info the YouTube Kids app.

What are the risks?
YouTube is a great place to discover new things, learn and get entertainment, however there are some things parents and teens should be aware of when using the service.

Inappropriate Content
YouTube has over a billion users and with an estimated 300 hours of footage uploaded per minute, not all of it is appropriate for children.
But you can help minimise the risk of your child encountering content that may not be appropriate for them. If you or your child sees something inappropriate, users can flag the video with YouTube. For more info on flagging inappropriate content go to:

Cyber Bullying
Unfortunately, people can experience negative comments and bullying on the service particularly through the comments function (YouTube users can comment on other users videos). If your child has a YouTube channel/profile it might be a good idea to recommend they disable comments on their own profile/channel. This can be done very easily via settings and helps minimise risk of experiencing negative comments. If your child is experiencing harassment on YouTube, you can block and report users.
See below for more info on reporting and blocking users
Block Users:
Report Abuse:

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